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There's .45 Powerbelts which are easier to load because they have a narrower plastic skirt.
Good info articap

PowerBelts load very easily and is what I shoot out of a Rem. and a CVA. Get great deer accuracy out to about 100yds. Too, I've found with the PB that if you use a powder load much North of about 110grns. accuracy and consistency starts going out the window fairly fast. Don't know for sure but I'm thinkin it may have something to do with the plastic skirting deforming as we've recovered some that didn't look very healthy using heavier charges.

In both the Rem. and CVA shooting 90-100grns things stay consistent and you can load them scary fast. Which is nice if you need a follow-up shot on a deer. Just gotta be careful of dumping a fresh dose of powder in on a hot ember. That could ruin a great hunting trip.

I know my T/C Encore won't shoot PB's well at all but there are those here that have T/C's and claim theirs do. Just gotta give em a whirl.
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