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Have you been paying attention to the current .223 ammunition availability? Before you go out and buy a .223 you migh want to reconsider if you want to be able to shoot it anytime soon. It is almost impossible to find any .223 on a shelf at anywhere right now, the pickings are pretty slim with most ammunition but the .223 is almost non existant.

Reloading components are throught the roof as well you can't find any brass or primers in stock and the common bullets are pretty well picked over as well. 1K rounds of unprocessed 1X brass is selling for nearly $200 at auction, 5K primers will bring between $200-300+ depending on what type. Powder is getting pretty scarce most places as well.

I'd say right now isn't the time to get a .223 Rem. I'd look at a .204 Ruger, .22-250 Rem, or .243 Win as I can find ammunition on the shelf for these most places. However the choice and quantity is very limited on these as well, but they are at least sitting around longer than a few minutes when the stores get them in stock.
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