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You might not have to worry about taking a deer but you better have a way to make fire, even for an over-niter.
100% agree. But that comes from being prepared in the first place. A lighter backed up by matches = good idea. Romatic dreams about being Davy Crocket = not so much.

Your an idiot that didn't do more than skim this thread and comment. Your attitude is not needed nor wanted here....stop trolling and don't post garbage like that in here again.
Let me take that under consideration for a moment........... OK, moments up. You wanna get pissy when you post one of the worst ideas the net has seen in some time and someone calls you on it? Feel free. Just called a spade a spade. Might save some poor deer from some fool kids that read that and say "Ya, think I'll try it". It was a bad idea. Using enough gun is important to success in hunting, even more important IF you ever pull that one in a million ordeal and NEED to kill for food. Why in the hell people think that cartridges becomes better in times of need is besides me.
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