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Unclenick -thank you. I chamfered and deburred prior to buying a caliper. Clearly this was a case of putting the cart before the horse.

thankfully, most (approx 85% of the 100 i C'd and D'd) are still within the Saami specs.

I wanted to post another question, with some photos to see what other wisdom I could get out of the forum. I want to make sure that I have seated my bullets properly.

the first ten of 15 were too long or exhibited the following problem (see attachment).

the last 5 no longer exhibited the problem of the "bubbled" shoulder, and all appeared to be in spec per my speer manual and the saami specs.

I fixed this issue through trial and error with the fitment of my lee pacesetter bullet seating die.

does anyone have any other tips or techniques that i should be aware of to avoid wasting another 10 brass? or is this the attrition rate i should expect until i get a better feel for the die/brass relationship?

thanks in advance!
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