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"...I would love to see pictures of the Ramline forend. The A5 and Rem. 11 have barrel alignment rings that are about two inches different in placement on the barrels. The for end holds the barrel in correct position in the receiver. You cannot do this with out modification that I know of. .."

Hmmm...when I assembled my Model 11 with the Ramline forend, it went on precisely like the original wood, the barrel is in the proper position in the reciever, the magazine cap threaded on normally, and there is no binding or other problems...and no more cracked forend.
My Model 11 is a very early one.
I gave the Ramline stock a try after reading a thread elsewhere about success using this product. As that thread noted, the lower tang would need to be bent in order to use the Auto 5 Ramline buttstock.
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