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Should we be willing to bend on this issue? What if we were willing to bend, and we got less restrictive regulation of SBRs and suppressors in return?
Absolutely not. The problem here is that we're not going to get anything in return beyond the hollow promise that they won't try to take more in the future.

Let's say we agreed to have "assault" rifles lumped in with the NFA in return for the restrictions being loosened on, say, suppressors. A year or two later, there would be a call to tighten those restrictions back up, and we'd be worse off than we were before.

We've already given plenty and gotten nothing in return. No thanks.

I am thinking that maybe us gun owners should equip ourselves with some kind of 'lever' so that we don't get totally steamrolled.
Who says that's going to happen? We're in a position to hold firm and refuse just about anything, and that's where we need to stay.
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