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Buying a new bolt action .223

I'm looking to buy a new .223 bolt action. I have narrowed it down to 2 rifles. The savage 11 trophy hunter xp with a nikon prostaff 3-9x40mm with BDC mounted and boresighted. Or the marlin xs7 varmint hunter model 70954.
Now the savage is a great package. I can find it locally for $459 plus tax. Comes with detachable box mag, accutrigger, the scope/rings, and a 22" sporter weight barrel with 1 in 9 twist.

The marlin i can only find online for around $350 plus transfer fees, etc. it has a 26" heavy weight barrel with 1 in 9 twist. And an adjustable trigger. I was going to throw the prostaff 4-12x40mm with bdc on a set of warne qd medium rings for a total price around $600.

I'm wondering what the experts here think is the better deal?
How much better is the heavy barrel and the 4 extra inches for range/accuracy?
Worth the extra $150 or so dollars for it plus 4-12 instead of 3-9 power scope?

New here. And new to bolt actions (shot them before. never owned one). And i love it
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