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eventually need to field strip

It's been a week or so but I thought you should know you will eventually need to field strip your pistol for cleaning. It probably doesn't need to be cleaned every range trip unless you're shooting a LOT at a time. I clean mine every time more for enjoyment.

Some basics about gun handling during dis-assembly :
if the parts do not want to go back together relatively easily, do not force them. Instead try wiggling at different angles (especially removing/re-inserting barrel into slide) to see if you find the right angle.

Be careful about what solvent you use, some plastics/rubber don't like solvents. I can usually do all my cleaning with just oil, an old toothbrush, a bore brush/bore snake, and paper towels. Less is typically better (no hard scrubbing on polished exterior surfaces if possible, i had a little rock embedded in a brass brush that was supposed to be softer than steel)

If you have a bore brush/cleaning rod, it helps to push all the way through before reversing directions. Try as much as possible to clean from the breech end (not the tip/muzzle of the barrel) as damaging the crown of barrel can affect accuracy.

Cleaning/field stripping build familiarity with your gun and you'll be able to notice what parts are wearing / settling in / if anything ever breaks.
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