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So, are gun owners going to bring nothing to the table in the coming debate? It seems like we don't have much of a 'lever' to demand anything...I know that people say that once it starts, there will be no end to it; and that we cannot give even an inch, as they will take a mile. But, what about the analogy of a tree that is able to bend and sway in the wind so as to not break?

So, do we not have ANY proposal to change gun laws in any way? I know that additional gun laws would not have prevented the recent tragedies, but it also seems that change is coming, regardless. I think what they want is for "assault weapons" to be less ubiquitous and more expensive, making them more like SBRs, fully automatic firearms, and sound suppressors. I don't think I have ever heard of one of these being used in a crime. Why? Because it takes money to own them and balls to walk in and get the sheriff to sign off. The gun enthusiasts who have them don't commit crimes. Should we be willing to bend on this issue? What if we were willing to bend, and we got less restrictive regulation of SBRs and suppressors in return? I don't know; and I am willing to stand where the NRA tells me to stand, even to go down with the ship. But I am thinking that maybe us gun owners should equip ourselves with some kind of 'lever' so that we don't get totally steamrolled.

I realize that our 'lever' has ever been the 2nd amendment but it wouldn't hurt to have another.
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