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However, when it comes to certain firearms, do you think there is a reasonable limit to their accessability?

Nope - none - nada - zip - zilch...
Hmmm... so violent felons and minors should be able to own them?

Personally, I'm kinda glad full-auto firearms are restricted (not suppressors, though--I don't get that at all). I don't think they should be outlawed, but I do think they should be regulated. I know that I can legally acquire one, if I wanted. It's a more involved process, sure, but I can pass the background checks, etc.

I understand, from a RKBA standpoint, why some folks might feel that any regulation or restriction defies the 2nd amendment. Honestly though? No line at all? Any weapon conceived by man should be available with no regulation whatsoever?

I don't think felons should be allowed to own firearms. Maybe it's taboo to agree with some firearm regulations. Maybe I need to turn in my NRA membership card. But it is my opinion.
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