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Don't get me started on Tacoma/Tundra drivers and their inflated sense of quality.
Mercedes(the real thing, just like BMW and Audi) drivers NEED that 400hp to get around the unattractive blond in the Lexus, applying more makeup and talking on her cell phone while traffic backs up behind them.
Lexus is known as the brand for status, not performance.
Anyhooo, at least we agree that Colt doesn't compete with Dan Wesson in terms of quality.
Having owned the last production Mercedes Benz that was built and designed by engineers not bean counters, a 560 SEC & an Audi A8 for about 8 years now I can tell you German automobiles are many things reliable they are not. Toyota quality is not as high as it once was but it trumps MB and even the up and coming Audi/VW, I also own a VW.... In order to get that performance from a MB, BMW or Audi you go in eyes wide open that you are giving up reliability.

Yes you will be able to pass that Lexus but your windows will not go back up, your seats are stuck in the same position, your sun roof leaks, your head liner fell a decade ago, your Tiptronic transmission might go into limp mode etc...... Trust me they might be able to go like a bat out of hell but they are not reliable.

This is why your car analogy fails. It simply does not apply because the difference between the Colt and DW is mostly cosmetic. It is not a real world performance difference. In 99% of shooters hands a Dan Wesson cannot do anything that a Colt cannot do. It might be prettier it might have a better finish but it is not going to perform better for 99% of shooters. For the 99% it is the Indian not the arrow that makes the difference. Statistically the Dan Wesson will not be more reliable than a Colt. A good shooter is going to be able to hit their target at 15, 25 and 50 yards with the same degree of consistency with either gun. IMHO YMMV

Now that does not mean one should not get a Dan Wesson over a Colt but the decision is not as objective as you attempt to make it. In terms of overall quality I would consider these two production guns pretty equal. What you are paying for in the DW is cosmetic it is the finishing touches which may or may not matter to you.

Back to the OP you made a solid choice. Enjoy your Colt.
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