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Water's only going to condense on a gun when the metal is colder than the surrounding (wet) air. So, when they gun is warming up you might get some water. If the water stays there and the gun freezes again, you could get some ice, and ice - if it wound up in the wrong spot - could lock up either gun.
However, I've never had that happen. As has already been said, just bring your gun inside with you at night, wipe it down if it's wet, and store it somewhere dry.

The only other thing you're going to have to worry about with extreme cold is oil/lube gelling. I'd think that would be more likely to effect a revolver than a glock though as there are more moving parts to get stuck. I've really only ever heard about it happening with hunting rifles.

Personally I'd stick with the glock - as you know it works, and presumably like it - but I don't think one's going to be noticeably more reliable than the other.
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