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I have put on my Edgar Cayce hat and have seen the following happening over the next four years:

Congress will pass an assault weapon ban more encompassing then the Clinton era ban

This is all the Obama administration will need to issue executive orders , with the consent of a cowering congress, on firearms covered by the act.

1) Ban the manufacture of these firearms
2) Ban the commercial sale of any existing firearms / parts / supplies
3) Ban the private sale of any existing firearms / parts / supplies
4) Require all persons wishing to purchase any firearms or ammunition to obtain a “Firearms Owners License” similar to the Michigan Firearm Owner Id Card.
5) Begin to tax ammunition on the level that cigarettes are taxed
6) Encourage state and local governments to add additional taxes on ammunition
7) Begin an excise tax on all firearm sales (which will increase over time)
8) Require manditory registration of all firearms
9) Order that owners of firearms listed in the ban to turn in these firearms to the government (they will not need to come after the guns as a law will be passed that says something along the line ‘possession will be a felony in involving serious prison time’). Attrition over time will take these firearms out of circulation.

The Supreme Court already has four rabidly anti gun judges on the bench. Obama will be adding at least two more during his administration. Any gun case fighting the above that appears before this new court will lose.
How does Congress passing an assault weapons ban give the President the power to issue executive orders completely eviscerating the 2nd amendment? Since when does Congress cower in awe of the president, particularly our current president? Why do you think the federal government would pass a confiscation law when they know they couldn't enforce it?
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