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Opinion on Full auto firearms

I was wondering what is ya'll' take on full auto firearms.

Many of us oppose new gun legislation, many of us would like some of the legislation already in affect to be repealed.

However, when it comes to certain firearms, do you think there is a reasonable limit to their accessability?

Am I wrong to think that the current regulations against NFA firearms is okay? While I do not support an outright ban, I do feel that some regulation is good, as it keeps honest people honest for the most part. This is not a thread about the merits of legislation and how they prevent the criminals from getting their hands on fully automatic firearms, I am not naive enough to believe that criminals will ever obey the law.

However, for the law abiding, I believe something as potent as an automatic firearm does need to be regulated a little differently than semi automatic firearms.

I'm kind of on the fence here, please tell me what you think about this. Am I being hypocritical supporting the current laws in place that make it prohibitively expensive for the average person from owning a full auto weapon yet supporting the idea of less restrictions on semi auto firearms? Some laws I believe are perfectly fine and have a reason to be there, it's when they get out of hand that they become a burdon IMO. (When they become a burdon is up to speculation at best though)
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