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Another to add to the mix. Remington just announced its carry/Commander-size R1. Blued, all steel. Proper 4.25" like Colts, DW, the new Ruger, etc. I have read grumblings already about its ca $1300 MSRP--street price $1000-1100?--but it's also true this is no "base" R1 judging from some of the features. Sweet looking regardless, and great that they're offering it in blue.

(Source: Guns & Ammo Magazine)
Of the ones listed by the OP, I like the Guardian as well, especially as a "serious" carry piece; Valor/Bob if you can swing it. The Commander field was very sparse not too long ago, with most choices in the DW and above territory. Interesting (and nice) how others are finally joining in the party.
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