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I haven't been to the range in about a month and a half. The past two times I went to Walmart all they had was .32ACP and .38 special. The gun shops are sold out of all target ammo and only have the $1 per round self defense stuff. I have probably 1000 rounds of .22, 200 rounds of 9mm, 50 rounds of .38, and 50 rounds of .380 on hand which I don't plan on shooting unti'll I can find more to replace what I shoot.

I can understand certain guns and magazines being hard to find, but are people really that simple minded and selfish to go out and buy every lick of ammo they can find and stockpile it so when the average shooter goes out to pick up a couple boxes for the range they cant find any. No ammunition has been proposed to get banned, why the hell are people going crazy and buying it all up. Sorry for the rant, just really ticks me off. Especially the bat hell crazy preppers.
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