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I honestly think you guys are making too much of it. Everyone who is rational that knows who Alex Jones is, knows he is a nut. If you didn't know you can find out in 0.00045 seconds with a Google search.

The bigger problem is the number of people who agree with him while small are vocal.
I would agree, however the point is that most people in this country do not own guns. In light of the recent events, people are going to naturally review the state of firearm ownership whether we like it or not. Constitutional considerations aside, the best assurance we can give to the rest of the country that we in fact are not the problem, is to present ourselves as what we are: rational, stable, responsible adults.

As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Jones wasn't cherry-picked out of the woodwork for being a juvenile, rude, conspiracy theorist. He along with over 100,000 others called out Mr. Morgan by name in a petition. It's hard to write off his unstable antics as an irrelevant fringe element when so many people in two or three weeks have signed on in support of it. I may not be a fan of Mr. Morgan, and I'm sure he was pleasantly surprised by being handed such a character on a silver platter, but it does little to change the fact that as gun owners, we have a public image problem and it's nobody's fault but our own.

We do little to discourage the extremists among our own ranks, and then complain when people shine a light on them.

PS (to nate45): We gleefully mocked Carolyn McCarthy for her 2007 comment about barrel shrouds without accepting the fact that she may not represent many other gun-ban advocates who do know what they're talking about but simply have a differing opinion on the matter. Writing off Mr. Jones' outburst as a conspiracy is unfair, because this is a game that everyone plays.

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