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To their credit, Walmart is not raising their prices for ammo to reflect the current madness. They are usually out but get stock in from time to time and you have to be in a store almost within minutes of their getting stock on the shelves.

Yesterday I bought (yes, I know, very small amounts) some Monarch 45ACP (brass case made in Serbia) at Academy for $19/50, Winchester 45ACP (made in USA) at Walmart for $40/100, and Blazer 38 Special (made by CCI/Speer in Idaho) at Gander Mountain for $100/250. These unit costs are all identical but I would not have bought the Monarch had I known Walmart would have Winchester in stock as I'm a HUGE fan of buying USA!!! By the way, my purchase of 500 at Gander Mountain bought them out....

My wife's shooting instructor (Pistol Packing Mama's of Longview, TX) recommends keeping 1000 rounds in hand for every caliber you have. What do other people think about this requirement...??
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