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I'm not against mandatory training. Heck, I'm even in favor of training people to vote. Not this party or that party, but more in the form of this is how both parties are leading you around by the nose. These are the attack ad tactics. This is how you put words in someone's mouth.

If she has time to go buy her gun, she has time to train. The Hunter Education course is a prime example of how to best accomplish that. An interactive online course, with a test at he end of each section. When you pass the section you move on. When you pass the online course, you go to a field day. The same principle could be applied.

As for people who point out it would be a waste of time... for you maybe. For others sure. For many, not. I aced my Hunter's Ed course. Between my boy scout's first aid merit badge, incalculable hours bombarded with the safe rules of gun handling on placards at ranges everywhere, among other sources, very little actually applicable to safe hunting was new to me. I'm not counting the stuff in the course that wasn't really applicable to hunter safety, but still had some value. I.e. The Pittman-Robertson Act.
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