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The Guardian is going to be your best choice for what your looking for a carry 1911. Its lighter(aluminum frame), easier to conceal(bobtail frame, commander length) and the Duty finish on the Dan Wesson is among the most durable finishes on the market for handguns.

Having owned over a dozen Colt's from with production dates from the 80's to 2012 including a two Colt Special Combat's and three newer production Dan Wesson's including a Guardian in 9mm I can say that Dan Wesson puts out a much nicer built 1911. Colt's are well made and reliable but Dan Wesson has them beat in fit, finish and overall quality of parts.

However, RELIABILITY of Dan Wesson's are not as proven as Colt IMO because Colt's are a little more "combat fit". This is not to say Dan Wesson's can't be very reliable I just think that with Colt you might have less issues at least in the first 1000 rounds.
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