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Just a thought about the mandatory training thing.

I'm in favor of training but am afraid that when govt makes it mandatory there will be no classes. (I understand that's how Delaware is, or used to be.)

In the ham radio world, the govt used to administer written and audio (morse code) tests to people applying for licenses.

Now there are "volunteer examiner" organizations who administer the tests for a very low fee and are freely available to take rather than having to go to some govt office somewhere far away (like I did when I was 14!).

If the antis were bargaining in good faith (BIG IF - or rather, they aren't) such training administered by volunteer organizations would accomplish the goal.
Like a driver's license.
Like a hunting license.
Like a ham radio license.

But because the antis aren't interested in safety they can't be trusted. So this idea has to be set aside.

And children will die. Thanks to the gun banners.
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