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Comparing DW to Colt is like comparing Toyota to Mercedes.
The Toyota drivers are so deep in the Koolaid they don't know anything else.
Buy the DW and be happy in the fact you are two steps above Colt in quality and function.

These comments are so misleading. Colt is not Toyota maybe more like Lexus. Ruger is a Toyota in terms of build quality and performance. Nothing spectacular about the product in terms of fit and finish but is runs, getting you from point a to point b for a good price and is generally reliable. Colt is a step up.

Where the analogy really breaks down, and make me question has the person posting ever owned a Mercedes Benz, is the fact that MBs are less reliable and malfunction more often than the Toyota does. If anything it is MB owners who drink the koolaid believing that they have to have a 400 HP AMG to drive 30 miles a day in bumper to bumper traffic..... LOL

Dan Wesson makes a great gun but they have pushed their price point too high. It is in no way shape or form 2 times the pistol over the Colt in terms of quality or function. Maybe 1.25 but you are paying more than 50% more to get that difference. The law of diminishing returns really starts to kick in when you get over $1000 in a 1911. If you are going to go to DW territory why stop there you are close to Les Baer territory Dan Wesson is still a production pistol where a Les Baer and other semi-custom guns are not made in the same assembly line way.

In the end each person has to choose what price point they are comfortable with and purchase what fits their needs within that price point. The OP was hesitant to pony up $1500 right out of the gate so he chose Colt which IMHO is a great place to start. They hold their value better than any other 1911 if he chooses to sell in order to upgrade down the road.

I am a long time Dan Wesson fan. I just liked them better when you could still get them for well under $1000. The old CBOB was the best value in 1911s at one time but these days not so much. Here is a pic of mine..... which IIRC I paid around $800 for LNIB
The idea that Toyota/Lexus is superior quality is a myth.
And an expensive one.
Having owned two Toyota's over the past 10 years, and spending $60k to find out they are no better than many other manufacturers.
People try to convince themselves Toyota is better, but I can assure you and have plenty of evidence, they're not.
Lexus is probably THE most overrated automotive experience there is.
The new ES is so obviously a Camry with a tasteless cosmetic treatment(much like their drivers!) yet the buyers will tell you how that's just not true.
Don't get me started on Tacoma/Tundra drivers and their inflated sense of quality.
Mercedes(the real thing, just like BMW and Audi) drivers NEED that 400hp to get around the unattractive blond in the Lexus, applying more makeup and talking on her cell phone while traffic backs up behind them.
Lexus is known as the brand for status, not performance.
Anyhooo, at least we agree that Colt doesn't compete with Dan Wesson in terms of quality.
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