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What bothers me most, is that far and wide across the internet, Alex Jones is often referred to as controlled opposition. Listen folks, I'm just a guy with the internet like most all of us, but whatever the true nature of Alex Jones is, (I freely admit I don't know) its a fact that he is often referred to as controlled opposition.

Now, the reason the claim that Alex is controlled opposition bothers me, is because right now, in the middle worst fight this country has had about gun rights in many a year. A loon went on TV and put on a performance that not only hurt the image of firearms owners, it probably revved up a lot of potentially dangerous loons. Which is exactly something those who want to confiscate firearms would like.

Lets only consider things that are immutable fact.

1) Alex Jones was allowed on Piers Morgan's show, by the same media that is hostile to firearms and firearms owners
2) Alex Jones looked like a loon(either by nature, or design) and revved up a lot of real loons
3) Piers Morgan yelled, interrupted, insulted and acted like a petulant ass in general, when confronted with a sane, polite, logical man, Larry Pratt. Who had a lot of facts to present by the way.
4) Conversely, when Jones was on, Morgan acted sane, polite and rational.
5) The imbibing effect, whether it was planned, or not, is the same, it helped the antis.

It all adding up, in my opinion, to be at worst flat out conspiracy and at best to have been scripted for entertainment and ratings value. Again, whether I'm correct, or way off, matters not. What matters is the imbibing effect is the same.
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