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Reloading ammo isn't my problem. I tend to use small primer calibers for some reason, and those are hard to come by right now. Large primers are not so bad. Of course I have about 3000 small pistol primers. Realistically, I have enough to hunt, but if the climate continues to get worse, I'd like to enjoy hunting without the ammo stress. It's amazing that even the lowly .22 is going, going, gone from most places. Chances are, my center-fire small game hunting will be with .38 this year, but that isn't legal for squirrels and birds here. I can do rabbit with it, though. Strangely, my .50 ML rifle is perfectly legal for bushy-tails and grouse, but my .38 isn't. Odd. What I need to do is find a bunch of large pocket .357, and then I'd be set.

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