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The problem is, Alex Jones is not just a fringe element crazy person that CNN found off the street. His decently large audience gives him credibility, and he was selected because he started a White House petition that gained over 100k+ signatures to deport the host.

As a politically liberal gun owner, I've spent much of my last few months having very respectful and pleasant conversations with friends and colleagues about firearm ownership in this country. Even people who advocate heavy gun restrictions concede that law-abiding citizens should not be subject to a universal gun ban. The point is that we are responsible adults who have not committed any crimes and can be trusted with them.

Alex Jones' display where he accused Morgan of being part of the New World Order, screamed 9/11 conspiracies, and went as far as adopting the elementary school behavior of mocking someone's accent.. there really was only one question that any reasonable viewer had to ask themselves and that was, "Is this the type of person that I can trust to responsibly own fifty or more firearms?"

The answer was clearly no, and it does all of us who own firearms a disservice because such a high profile individual proved he was as much the caricature that some people paint us out to be. Anyone who says he did a great job or "won" the discussion needs to re-watch the clips and try to see it from the perspective of your average American family or parent who wants to see something done about the violence in this country. It certainly doesn't help out cause.
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