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I stand corrected. I failed to check current SAMMI specs on the web and referred to my copy which is a few years old. Obviously SAMMI had reduced
the max level allowable. However, Lee in Modern Reloading is showing loads for the .45 Auto Rim exceeding 16,000 psi. C.I.P. (Europe's SAMMI) lists the .45 Auto Rim at 1200 atmospheres (17,635 psi).

I do not recommend specilfic loads that I use or comment on the safety of loads of others due to liability but refer you to published loading manuals.

Lee in Modern Reloading shows numerous 185 grain jacketed loads in the 900 fps range at pressures below 16,000 psi. Hodgon's Reloading Data Center (on the web) lists .45 ACP, 230 grain FMJ loads with velocities in the 750-800 fps range at pressures below 15,000 CUP.

I would consult other published data (both web and print) to determine the proper load for your needs.
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