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Bottom line is, that this whole thing is a very dangerous game and both sides should tone it down a notch, before blood gets spilled.
I agree with your post, I only quoted a little piece of it, because I believe it will come to that. I don't think ANY red blooded patriotic american will stand idly by and let an across the board gun ban happen. I do think Mr. Jones went WAY off the deep end. But he treated Piers like he deserved to be treated. I can't stand the guy, a Brit coming over here downing our way of life. But I believe deeply in why the 2nd Amendment is there and the way Alex explained it I believe he is right its NOT about hunting, never was. But your assessment of more gun owners being fired up, I could not agree more. Maybe thats what it will take other than some facebook posts and sending your dues to the NRA to let the Gun Ban pushers know that we are as serious as they are. Just my .02 worth of babble for the day!
"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
- Thomas Jefferson
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