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Originally Posted by TheBigO
As far as Winchester white box- by "target" ammo i was talking about the fact that if you were going to carry a weapon for use in a defensive situation you most likely would not load it with Winchester white box- therefore you would be using it for target shooting due to its price and availability.
Winchester White Box is 230-grain ball ammo that generates a muzzle velocity of approximately 820 feet-per-second ... which makes it essentially the exact same ammunition that carried the United States military through two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, and several other regional instances of unpleasantness. No serious target shooter (i.e. bullseye competitor) would use it because (a) it isn't consistent enough from one round to the next, and (b) because it has too much recoil. "Target" ammo generally uses a 185-gr or 200-gr lead semi-wadcutter bullet loaded to well below 800 feet-per-second.
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