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the measures come with internal bushings # 20 for pistols (the long one) # 19 for 20 - 270 and the shortest with the largest hole is for 7MM to 45 cal rifle cases. That is all explained in the owners manual on page 13.

Don't know how close of a measurement you expect though becasue I have never found a powder throw yet that will do stick powders accurately. At keast not for match loads. Can't help you beyond that becasue the only rifle I run in batch mode on a LnL is.223 and I use TAC. I do all of my bolt gun stuff single stage and either dip and trickle or now use my Chargemaster. When I first got my LnL I tried using the throw for 4250 and Varget and it could never meet my accuracy expectations.

Doing a quick search on the net some of the Dillon crowd have found a way to adapt the RCBS Uniflow for throwing stick

edit - looks like the Uniflow will adapt to the Hornady as well

maybe someone here that uses a Uniflow can give you a idea on how well it works with stick
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