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The argument that "anything a 44 can do, a 41 can do" is a specious argument. It simply sidesteps the question of which is better. A 357 can do anything a 41 can do, does that make it the equal of the 44 also?

It is a long held and fully supported view among straight-walled revolver cartridges that bigger is better, i.e. more powerful at less pressure. A 45 Colt can do anything a 44 mag can do, and at lower pressure, and makes a bigger hole at the same time. The same is true of the 44 over the 41.

So if someone wants to argue the 41 is better than the 44, it would have to be because it is lighter (not true, comparing the same gun in both calibers), or cheaper to shoot (possibly, but due to availability of components and ammo, not very likely), or that it has less recoil (which is true).

I always thought the best "fit" for a 41 magnum would be a 5-shot revolver with a 5" barrel on an L-frame S&W. Both smaller and lighter than an N-frame Smith, it would still have less recoil and have 90%+ of the power and effectiveness of the 44 mag. At a reasonable price, I'd sure buy one!
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