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LNL Powder Measure

My LNL Powder Measure works perfect until I tried running H-1000 through it. The problem is not with throwing the correct measurement, it comes from the collar that fits against the shell mouth. The measure came with 2 different sizes of collars. One is great for the bigger cases and the smaller one works fine for the smaller cases. When I attempt to load .243 with the smaller collar while running the H-1000, the powder plugs the throat of the collar and won't dispense correctly. No I thought. Just change out the collar for the larger one. Now the powder dispenses fine, but because the collar is larger than the .243 neck, some of the powder falls out and onto the shell plate. You folks that have one of these LNL presses know what kind of hell that creates. By the way I have no problems at all with ball type powders.....just when I went to the large stick type did the problem arise. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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