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While there is overlap, you cannot count of the sports culture to be progun in the sense we've been talking about
And neither can you count on the non-hunters, as others have suggested. You're right that my sampling of people is small and unscientific, but that doesn't eliminate that we are indeed progun in EXACTLY the sense we're talking about.

If you'd like to call us two separate groups, that's too bad, but let's go with that and perhaps agree that both of those groupls contain thousands of individuals with their head in the sand.

Thanks for posting the study. The study itself (Wyant, B.R., & Taylor, R. B. (2007). Size of household firearm collections: implication for subcultures and gender. Criminology, 45, 519-546.) admits this is just an implication. Which is in essence, a generalization.

Good discussion, nonetheless.

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