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budgets, salary, plans....

What many tax payers & people in the private sector do not understand is the huge cost & the budget issues related to stationing sworn LE officers in a school or on the school district property.
They don't know that SROs(school resource officers) earn about $30,000 to 100,000.00 depending on the LE agency & their time in service/time in grade. Most US cops do not make $9.00/hr like a unarmed security guard or work over-time for the PD/sheriffs office.
My county's mayor & the elected county sheriff both stated they don't have the $ to add more LE next year & will barely meet the requirements to deploy deputies in all schools for the end of this school year.
The "good guys with guns" concept is not practical in 2013. The local counties & cities do not have the $ to pay sworn LE personnel.
I'd also state that "volunteers" or "reserve security" wouldn't fly either due to civil liability & insurance issues. I can hear the lawyers screaming now if a school district wanted to go that route.
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