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We see this very, very differently.

At the big picture level, since the vast majority of our younger generations are gamers, then if we want the numbers we need to preserve our rights, we need to attract and embrace gamers, too.

That does not mean we should not try to ensure they use firearms in a safe manner at the range, or that we can't help educate them about firearms in the real world. It does mean an open mind is a useful thing. (A generation ago, women's shooting groups were rare, and gay shooting groups were unheard of; appealing to more groups has helped us roll back the antis, since, no?)

At the personal level, I was a gamer back in the days before the internet. D&D, Traveller, you name it, I probably played or refereed it. So did most of my friends. We all became losers, of course... I ended up one of those useless Naval Aviators, and stayed in the basement when not shooting, hitting the dojo, SCUBA diving, skiing, riding motorcycles, sailing... oh, wait, I guess I wasn't a basement dwelling troglodyte.

My gamer friends from high school and college went off to such loser schools as Duke, CalTech, Wake Forest... one or two started up successful small businesses. Another is a professor at South Carolina.

Stereotypes to the contrary, studies have shown that gamers tend to excel at thinking outside the box, adapting to changing technology, and multi-tasking.

So I can see where you would not want any of those guys...
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