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Dorc-1, yes mostly black bears. But im sure there have been cases of other bears being taken down with say a well placed .22 shot. I know bears like the Grizzly can keep going even after fatal shots. But not always. That too is slightly "over said". Just like a human on drugs like PCP who have been shot many times and there have been cases where they keep attacking even after being fatally hit. BUT, a shot to the CNS or so would have dropped them in one shot, even on drugs like that. Granted its hard to get a shot like that on a bear, but it's possible to shoot a bear and stop it dead in its tracks, shot placement is what matters. One well placed (more like lucky) CNS shot can drop even a Grizzly instantly.

All in all, a 45ACP can and had taken many bears. Is it the safest, best choice? No way. But if it is all you have, then it can work if you're a good shot. Again, a 45ACP should not be a front line weapon vs grizzly or brown bears (small black bears it would be okay even as 1st line choice), but as a backup, or if 45ACP is all you have then it can work, too many factors to say if it will work for certain, but it *can*. Now a 12 gauge with slugs is still the best bet. Even Alaska recommends it for bear defense.

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