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That's all I needed to know. It may be over-thinking, but when people on this forum tell me "you MUST worry about condestation IT WILL HAPPEN" and plant they idea in my head then what am I suppose to think?. If you DIDN'T KNOW the answer (as I didn't) I'm sure you would be worried to - who wants a SD pistol if it doesn't work? I guess a few responses I got are what got me thinking too hard.

See people where telling me the gun "will jam/not work"
If bring it from cold to warm due to condenstation. That got me really thinking, hence the start of this thread.

It looks like the people who TOLD ME these things are wrong and probably more OCD than me by telling me that crap and me thinking it was true and I needed a way to fix this whole
"Condenstation issue"

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