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And I reiterate, childish and tacky zombie stuff will get some antis to look down their noses at us and laugh. So what?
I don't care what the antis think about zombie guns. I'm talking about me personally - I get turned off by it. If I see a dealer selling a bunch of zombie stuff - that makes me not interested in the kind of stuff they sell. When I see someone with some zombie-themed AR, zombie grips, etc. it screams "GAMER". It says (to me) " I bought this zombie-pimp-killing machine because I use the same thing when I dominate at Zombie Apocalypse...."

The bottom line is that I'm prejudiced against gamers who get into firearms just because of their video gaming. And, I see Zombie Guns as an extension of video gamers who like to live in their fantasy realms. In my "fantasy world", Gamers would remain glued to their chairs in their mom's basement playing video games and never even think about doing something real like buying and shooting guns. My perception is that many gamers can't separate fantasy from reality. My prejudice (and I'm entitled to my prejudices) has nothing to do with what antis think.

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