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Trying Out Holsters - Crossbreed Style

So I bought this Crossbreed style holster off of ebay for about $38.00. The holster seems well built and the only difference I can tell from an actual crossbreed is the quality of leather. But I really only wanted to try this style of holster out.

Please excuse my fat, the holidays were good to me :P

First of all - I NEED a good belt. Going to eventually buy one when I can afford it. That being said, I find that this crossbreed style of holster prints too much for me. I'm about 5'7 165 pounds and it prints too much for my tastes in almost all of my clothes. I feel like I should/have to wear a sweater or jacket over it (thats a tough thing to accomplish in Miami).

It is comfortable, although not at all times, for example I remove the gun when I'm driving because it doesn't feel comfortable enough for me to leave it be. I think this type of holster would be better suited for me if I had a smaller gun.

Other than that the holster is pretty good. It does squeak a bit too much so I put a penny behind each clip and that removed all the squeaking. Going to super glue the pennies behind the clips so that It doesn't ever squeak and I don't have to keep finding coins :P

Because of my experience with this holster I did just buy a Remora Holster 10-ART with the Reinforced Top. Will be trying that out and see if it's better for me.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I could use this crossbreed style holster more efficiently and with the least amount of print? Thanks for reading.
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