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@kraigwy Being that CMP is self funded but depends on rifles from our government only, if the supply of Garands at CMP are dwindling(M1917,1903,1903A3 are pretty much non existent) dont you think it would be in the best interest of our military or government to try to sway the Korean government instead of selling them to importers to give or sell them back to the military? I'm not trying to be political here. Let's say it's not 2013 but 1983 and i'm asking this question. If the rifles go to importers, they get sold to anyone who can pass a criminal backround check. But if the rifles go through CMP, they are getting sold to an individual who has proved gun safety, marksmanhip as well as passing a criminal backround check. I would think it would be in this nations best interest to keep the CMP well stocked.
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