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Quote (Vireye)
Obviously it died down and disappeared, but with the current state of things, I'd be worried that if you were ever seen with it, or, God forbid, forced to use it, it would open the floodgates for more regulations regarding our beloved black powder firearms.

Quote: (Old Grump)
Are you saying if it was all you had and you needed to shoot to defend yourself you would not shoot in order to keep the reputation of black powder guns unsullied?

Remember all the wars we were in before the French developed smokeless powder, remember Wild Bill Hickock and his little 36 caliber. I think it's pretty well established that cap and ball revolvers are deadly.
I'm not sure where you're getting that I said they weren't deadly or that it's ineffective, or to keep any kind of reputation "unsullied"...not of that is said anywhere in my post. The reason for my original post is that someone was killed using a black powder revolver.

What I'm saying is that using a firearm that does not need to be registered could, and likely would, result in the anti-gun lobby either calling for their ban, or it becoming necessary to register them as is the law for all other handguns. Part of the allure of the black powder revolvers is low cost, ease of acquisition, and the flat-out fun of them. Alot of that would be diminished when it becomes just like buying any other weapon.
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