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Mag Prices through the Roof

I was at a show on the 30th of December and thought that I might pick-up some extra mags for the Glocks. In the past I've been able to buy G19 (15 round) or G23 (13 round) mags (factory new) for about $20 - $23 each. This time, the very same vendor was selling them for $59.95 each!

I've had great luck at this show in the past for picking up ammo, magazines and a few handguns at what I considered great prices. The last time I was there I picked up a new G23 (Generation 3) for $479. Same vendor that I bought from last time, now going for $579.

And the tables where half empty for the majority of the vendors. Granted, I attended on a Sunday (the last day of the three day show), but I've done this in the past and it has never been like this. This was one of the most crowded shows that I've ever attened. There really is a lot of panic out there right now. It's too bad.
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