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And I reiterate, childish and tacky zombie stuff will get some antis to look down their noses at us and laugh. So what? They don't, already?

It's kind of like movies and literature: Freddy, Jason, Dracula, and Frankenstein are entertainingly scary because they are not real. Alpha Dog was terrifying and saddening because it was real. Which is more disturbing, to a thinking human?

So, the very things we need, as mature adults who wish to learn self defense skills, are the things that will trip out the antis. The zombie stuff is a footnote. Don't have to like it, but I would not sweat it.

I will go one further, and say that antis have been amused by my shot-up Zombie Osama target, but have not liked my hostage-taker-with-gun-to-woman's-head targets at all. (I have an anti or two in the family.)
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