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1. Enforce current laws on the books.
Yes. You would be shocked to know how many firearms related offenses are plea bargained away.
Increase severe penalties for gun related crime.
No. There is no such thing as gun-related crime. There are crimes committed with weapons, and if you are going to increase penalties for one, do it for all, HOWEVER, be prepared to have higher taxes to PAY for those prisons/upkeep/staff that you will need. That's not a bad thing, but a necessary one.

2. Make all firearm purchasers go through a background check, including private sales. The background check services should be a free service.
(If I'm involved in a private sale of firearm, the most important thing to me is making sure the purchaser is a sane individual and not a felon instead of how much $$$$$$ I can make.) At least it should be a moral obligation.
No, Arizona does it right - if you sell a firearm to a prohibited possessor, that's on you and you will get nailed for it. Otherwise, they stay out of it, and I agree with that. Worked for over 100 years.

3. Keep the entire standard so called "high capacity magazines” but we should regulate for example the AR 15 100 round “drum”
No, no arbitrary limits. Once a limit is set, it will keep shrinking until single shots are all that is legal. Rebecca Peters with IANSA once said the only gun she would be happy with anyone owning was a single shot capable of shooting no more than 100 yards. All it takes is for the next lunatic murderer to use ten round mags, and start the whole drumbeat over again, for the next limit on my personal property with which I have committed no crimes.

4. All people interested in obtaining a conceal and carry permit should take firearm classes. The fee should be reasonable to allow low income lawful citizens to afford these services. If the fee is high it should be allowed to be written off as deduction.
No. First, sounds a lot like the famous poll tax - pay to exercise your rights. I am far more comfortable with my home state's Constitutional Carry, the same as the Founding Fathers enjoyed, the same as Vermont, (48th in the nation for crime, last time I looked), has had since inception.
Now I agree that people should get training, as it's always a great idea...but when you mandate something prior to exercising a right, then it is no longer a right but a controlled privilege.

5. All STATES should make their mental health database available to the federal government so we can prevent the mentally challenged individuals from acquiring firearms legitimately.
State records of criminals are about 40% accurate - I shudder to think what the records on the criminally insane look like after the great "kick 'em out of the institutions" wave of the '70s. Also, define mental illness. I have read people seriously espouse the idea that drinking coffee is a sign of a mental illness. What disqualify you, depression, alcoholism, (recovering or not), who gets to make this diagnosis on who's dime and are there ways to get OFF this list? Should it be determined by your meds? I know people who took small does of WelButrin, (common depression med), to stop smoking...they know have a 'scrip for psych drugs on file, does that disqualify them?
Mentally challenged? I have to say that from my admittedly biased view point, that describes many of our nations leaders.

6. Increase funding for mental health by reducing the amount of foreign aids given all over the world.
That one I agree with wholeheartedly.

7. Finally involve the education of both the risk and benefits of firearms into educational system.

Make the above an elective in high school, or even middle school. Make it as "mandatory" as Sex Ed and Drivers Ed, considering how many more lives are destroyed and tax dollars lost by misuse of both sex and cars than with legally held firearm.
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