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How much of an outline must be visible to be in violation of a concealed carry law? In other words, if one just shows a bulge on the hip, how does anyone know for sure it is a handgun?
I think someone in law enforcement will have a good idea whether or not what he is seeing is a gun or not. At the very least he could claim he had probable cause to ask the person if he was carrying. I have a friend that regularly carries and to me when he leans over or turns the right way, that straight edge of the butt of his sig is a sure sign to me that he has it with him. If I can tell from that then an officer would also and I guess in the strict states would consider that printing or brandishing.

I'm glad I'm in Memphis also and don't have to worry about that. Well, I won't when I get my permit. Bob, I've lived here all my life (save 3.5 years) and I don't think I've ever seen anyone open carry. Have you?
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