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Yes. Enforce current laws!

Shall not be infriged....pretty plain and simple to me. If that makes me an extremist then so are were the founding fathers.
And literally within just a few months the very same founding fathers started doing that with the Militia Acts of 1792 by stipulating requirements of arms that must be had. The right to keep and bear arms does include the right to not keep and bear arms, something notably overlooked by the Militia Acts.

BTW I can't recall the name of a single founding father famous for his willingness to seek compromise and accommodation for reasonable Stamp Acts, reasonable quartering of soldiers, or reasonable restriction of speech and the press.
Your use of the term "reasonable" implies that there is. "Reasonable" is a compromise in and of itself. Compromise was the basis for virtually everything that came with the founding of a new country, down to the organization of government (The Great Compromise of 1787), slavery, voting, etc. The Bill of Rights involved considerable debate and compromise.
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