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Self - test Games

This topic was a subtopic within the recently closed "MOA All Day" thread. I wanted to bring it back to let it have legs on it's own.

I have a small group that shoots "contests" every month. We come up with a simple contest every month and compete for bragging rights. What does everyone else do for self test games that may be different.

CONTEST: "Half MOA Dot Drill". 1 box (20 rnds) to start. 100 yards. 4 warmup/zero/etc, then 16 rounds only on 8.5"x11" paper at the following target. Break inner black solid circle for a pt. X for breaking the white dot bull. Good score IMHO is 12.

CONTEST: "Smack the Smiley" (shamelessly stolen from FrankenMauser)

CONTEST: "American MOA" (shamelessly stolen from Brian Pfleuger)

Shoot a baseball at 300 yards.

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