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I have a bow, a re-curve that belonged to my father. I can't hit the ground with it. I'd make one hungry Indian.

I did just buy a Muzzle loader rifle. Not sure it has anything to do with the current cost of ammo/components or not, Heck I went out yesterday and spend about $250 on stuff for this sucker and its hasn't been delivered yet.

I don't see how it can be cheaper to shoot then my other rifles (I shoot a of of cast bullets in my modern rifles anyway).

It's just something different. After I ordered it I got to thinking I might use it for deer hunting. We don't have a regular ML season so it wont extend any seasons. I just kind of go bored with deer hunting. After antelope and elk, deer just didn't seem exciting. I'm hoping a muzzle loader will change that.

But as to bows,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don't think so. Friggin deer would laugh their selves to death if they watched me try and shoot arrows at them.
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