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Brass & Stainless lever gun... many of these made ???

I love this look, & tried to get one for well over a year, when I finally found an almost un-used one on Gun Broker ( more on it's condition below )... I do see quite a few brass & blued, but seems like much less of the brass & stainless ???

( I'm actually thinking about putting a pair of those brass birdshead grip frames on my polished stainless Montados ) & then polishing the stainless on this rifle to match for my occasional CAS use... shotgun is a nice antique with exposed hammers, doll's head, greener cross bolt & fluid steel barrels

anyone have one ??? thoughts ??? I haven't shot mine much, the firing pin was too short from the factory, where only 1 in 4 or 5 would fire ( barely dimpled the primers ) & I had my buddy make a new firing pin, & remove the safety, so it shoots really nice right now, but it needs some rounds through it, as it's not even broken in yet...

sorry, not a very good pic, but the top gun in this rack...

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