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I get a huge kick out of everyone talking about increased muzzle blast...

no... they don't increase muzzle blast any more than taking that length off the barrel... if you have a 24" 338 Win Mag with a boss ( I do )... it's not any louder than a 21.5" non boss barreled gun... it doesn't amplify the noise

they do reduce the recoil pretty effectively... I don't think my boss equiped Stainless Stalker in 338 kicks any worse than a comparable 30-06... my 375 H&H is down right pleasant to shoot...

unfortunately, my 2 boss equiped rifles are too expensive to shoot, to really try dialing in the boss... however at last years local gun show, I picked up about 500 - 338 Win Mag cases that didn't have primer flash holes... that situation has been recified, & I plan on spending a good amount of next summer shooting 300 yards ( the limit of my personal range ) with the 338, & should have the chance to do some boss tweaking
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