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Interesting comment about the stripper clips. If you have enough different clips lying around, you could always experiment and see which ones work. The thing is, however, that even if the cartridge fits into the clip ever so nicely, it may not fit into the guide or slot on the rifle and vice versa. Some clips are marked with the caliber but hardly all of them. At any rate, there's a big variety of them for all the different cartridges and rifles in use. Even some Remington commercial semi-automatic hunting rifles used them, although in my own experience, they were difficult to use. You know, 7.62 NATO ammunition used to come packed in five-shot stripper clips and there was never any rifle that took them.

Clips, or chargers, for rimmed ammuntion are another story and you're lucky if you have clips for a Mosin-Nagant rifle that actually work but I never had problems with those for a Lee-Enfield, not that I used them very much. That's one of those things that never looked like it would ever work but it always did.
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